Těšínské slezsko

A world of natural beauty

The most impressive landscapes in the region are to be found in the Beskydy mountains, whose peaks and valleys are shrouded in myths and legends. 

A world of natural beauty

The Beskydy protected natural area is a refuge for many rare plant and animal species, including some unique natural habitats. The best-known is the Mionší primeval forest, which offers visitors an unforgettable experience of nature almost untouched by mankind. But the region also holds other natural treasures – including some wonderful mountain meadows, dense forests, parkland, water meadows, and many other places of interest. The landscape of Těšín Silesia is truly a meeting of two worlds. Next to the beautiful Těšín Beskydy mountains are the gently rolling lowlands of Karviná, a landscape of quiet natural beauty including a wealth of lakes, ponds and rivers. This varied landscape is an ideal place for nature-lovers: come and marvel at the stunning romantic beauty of the Beskydy mountains, the backdrop to many a local legend, enjoy the soothing burbling of a cool mountain stream, or just bask in the tranquility of the region’s calm lakes and ponds with their wonderful flora and fauna. 

  • Published: 12.12.2011
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