History and tradition – where the past lives on in the present


For some people, history means little more than a dry and dull list of dates and important events that all happened a long time ago. 

Often it may seem to have little relevance to the present day. But in fact history is much more than that – it has shaped the world around us, forming the places where we live, work or visit. We can feel the touch of history everywhere we go – in historic buildings, places of natural beauty, and the way of life of local people. Of all regions in the Czech Republic, Těšín Silesia has undergone the biggest demographic changes in the past decades. Yet it has still managed to preserve its traditional values, customs, culture and traditions.

Perhaps the best example is the distinctive local dialect, which gives the local people in three different countries a strong shared identity: this mixture of Polish, Czech and German is spoken everywhere throughout the region. Other shared cultural values include folklore, traditions, customs, food and drink, and of course the warm hospitality of the local people. You can feel the history of Těšín Silesia wherever you go – but most of all at the branches of the Těšín Museum or at the region’s historic buildings, places of natural beauty, or folklore festivals – where you can also sample the region’s distinctive specialities. 
So why not come and see for yourself!