MO S-5 Fort “Na Trati” At Bohumín

Military sites
The unique two-storey fort consists of two parts connected by a tunnel under the embankment of the original railway, these days a road. It was armed with two model 36 canons, four heavy model 37 machine guns, a light and a heavy machine gun in the bells and three light machine guns in auxiliary slits. The major part of the interior equipment was disassembled after the Munich conference and the consequent Polish occupation. The fort was used as an ammunition warehouse during the war and in the remaining years it was flooded up to the height of 1m of the outer end storey. The garrison house is maintained by KVH Bohumín.


Cellural phone: +420 604 148 470
GPS: 49°54'39.29"N , 18°19'52.649"E