Spas have played a major role in Czech culture for many centuries. Těšín Silesia is no exception, with a range of excellent spa facilities. 

Spa treatments combine expert medical care with the natural healing properties of the local water, plus a wide selection of other health and fitnessrelated activities. Although spas are still primarily medical institutions, they are becoming increasingly popular for their range of relaxation and wellness programmes aimed at a broad general public. The region’s spa is renowned for its
high-quality iodine-bromine water, its expert staff and its wide range of spa services. The Spa specializes in neurological and movement disorders, and has achieved excellent results in treating patients with these problems. In addition to the Spa’s core medical treatment and rehabilitation programmes, its state-of-the-art new Centre of Vitality and Regeneration Centre offer a full range of relaxation and wellness programmes for both spa clients and members of the public to enjoy. So why not come and relax – put yourself in the capable hands of our friendly staff, sample some of our spa specialities, and take a break from the stress and strain of everyday life.