Monuments - Technical attractions


Lime Kilns in Vendryně

Kilns were built at the beginning of the 19th century, when iron ore was excavated in the territory of the village. The mining of limestone and its calcining in “Wopienkach” as kilns were called in the local dialect also fall to this period. There are two round shaft kilns the operation of which ended in 1965.

The Arched Bridge in Karviná – Lázně Darkov

This concrete arched bridge over the Olše River dates back to 1925. The monument is unique because of the bridge’s arch design. Several years ago, the bridge was lifted with the help of a unique construction procedure to protect it against flooding and to allow it to be completely renovated. The bridge is a major dominating feature of the municipal area of Lázně Darkov and represents an imposing s...

The Cast Iron Fountain in Karviná

This pseudo-historic cast iron fountain located in the middle of Masaryk Square adds to the pleasant look of this precious historic city centre. The fountain was built in 1900 on the site of an 18th century original stone tank that replaced the original 16th century wooden tank.

The Water Tower in Karviná

An interesting technological monument is this water tower built as a constructivism structure, probably in 1928. This round tower has 6 floors, is 39.4 metres high and has a diameter of 11.4 m. The top floor contains a water tank that no longer serves its original purpose. Inside the tower, some of the original equipment has been preserved.